Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use StoryArena?

Writers who value their time, and believe working smart is just as important as working hard. StoryArena helps you do that by measuring reader engagement, facilitating feedback, and providing demographic insight.

Why should writers validate their ideas?

It's safe to say, most writers have more than one idea. Chasing down every idea isn't possible, there are only so many hours in a day. Before committing time and energy towards an idea, force it to prove itself worthy. Validation is a form of market research, it helps you choose the path of least resistance.

Is validation used in other industries?

Businesses and professionals in a wide range of industries use validation. Most ideas are average, but it's in everyones best interest to find the extraordinary ones. The overall goal of validation is always the same — to feel out the potential of a product or service. Once validated on a small scale, they are more likely to succeed in the mass market.

How does posting on StoryArena affect my rights?

You retain all rights and ownership to the work you post. You have full control over your work at any time.

What are achievements?

Achievements are awarded for completing specific goals. They are displayed in your profile and visible to other users.

What are levels?

All users start off at level one and gain experience points while using the website. Accumulating experience points increases your level and unlocks special privileges.